About Pontem

Pontem Ventures was established to invest in African and Africa-focused businesses that are built for the long-term.

The Pontem founding team has a rich experience in operating family businesses and bring these values; Sustainability, Adaptability and Built-to-last; to the companies we invest in.

 How We Invest

How We Invest
How We Invest
How We Invest
How We Invest

We are a strategic investment vehicle that identifies, vets and invests in industry agnostic growth businesses. Our investment criteria is based on a proprietary process that is part art and part science. We are committed to invest for the long-term and offer a combination of patient capital and strategic value to our portfolio companies.

We curate co-investors to participate in our investments where relevant and when necessary and firmly believe that value is derived from having skin in the game.


Sector: Tin Mining, Smelting and Processing
Date of Investment: Q2 2019
Rounds: Seed
Country: Tanzania
Why We Invested: Founder fit and alignment of vision to add real value to local resources.

Sector: CRM, Enterprise Messaging, SaaS
Date of Investment: Q3 2018
Rounds: Seed, Bridge, Growth Capital
Country: Kenya
Why We Invested: An incredibly relevant global business built in Africa by a phenomenal founder.

Sector: IDTech, SaaS, Computer Vision
Date of Investment: Q2 2019
Rounds: Bridge, Growth Capital
Country: USA, South Africa
Why We Invested: Pan-African focused company focused on high-growth sector with a highly experienced founding team.

Sector: MDM, Mobile Technology
Date of Investment: Q3 2019
Rounds: Bridge, Growth Capital
Country: United Kingdom
Why We Invested: A proprietary technology solution that is highly scalable and the potential to have massive impact on smartphone adoption in Africa.

 Meet our team

Our mission is to identify high growth potential/early stage businesses with demonstrated traction and/or revenue in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Running the business are Nadeem Juma, Chairman of AIM Group, and Kartik Kapoor, Director of Generics Group.

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